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Your Weather2020 Experts

Gary Lezak

Founding Member & Co-Chairman

Gary has over 30 years meteorological experience and is currently the chief meteorologist at KSHB. Gary invented the LRC and is the face of “Kansas City’s Most Accurate Forecast”.

Jeff Penner

Founding Member & Co-Chairman

In addition to being a passionate meteorologist, KSHB weather producer, and co-founder, Jeff is Weather2020’s Chief Meteorologist. He has helped develop the LRC methodology over the last decade and is dedicated to providing you with accurate forecasts.

Charles Robertson

National Sales Manager

Charles Robertson started Twin Features Consulting in 1998 with a plan to provide secure propane supply and risk management services to independent retailers.  He is bringing this experience to Weather2020 to maximize profits for our customers using data-enabled solutions.

Doug Heady

Lead Meteorologist & Consultant

Doug has been studying the cycling weather pattern for over 15 years now, making month-long forecasts with tremendous accuracy in the Joplin, MO television market. He joined the Weather2020 team two years ago, writing long-range weather forecasts for the 1Weather app and adding his insight to our research and development team.

Brett Anthony

Staff Meteorologist

Brett learned about the cycling weather pattern and the LRC during the past decade. He has had tremendous success predicting storm systems, tornado outbreaks, and winter blasts in Tulsa, OK the past four years.

Bob Lyons

Chief Technology Officer

As Weather2020’s chief tech officer and data scientist, Bob is responsible for our weather API and back end. He has more than a decade of experience as an integrations expert and developer.

Jon Behle

Social Media Director & Strategist

Jon joined Weather2020 three years ago.  He remembers watching Gary Lezak forecast the weather since the age of four. Now Jon’s passion is to show everyone the exciting method and perspective of forecasting and meteorology with Weather2020.

Katherine Hellige

Administrative Manager

Katherine is the Administrative Manager and has tremendous skills in editing, writing, and organization. She joined the Weather2020 two years ago.

John Papazafiropoulos

Chief Science Officer

Dr. John Papazafiropoulos is a senior-level executive with a unique blend of training and experience in business, clinical settings, and research. He is the statistics professor at Ottawa University. John learned about the LRC over the past few years and is demonstrating the accuracy of the LRC with statistical certainty. He is working on a peer-reviewed paper to be accepted by the Science of Meteorology.


The Weather2020 Way

What We See

After 30 years of studying the weather, we’ve found that a cycling weather pattern forms in the atmosphere between October and November every year. After spotting the pattern, our meteorologists then track and verify.

Organized Chaos

Many people believe that forecasting the weather beyond a week was impossible, that it’s simply chaos. Well they are right and wrong! While the weather constantly changes, there are very specific patterns that set up that can then be used to forecast for months at a time.


We don’t call ourselves the best forecasters in the world for nothing. Over the past 5 years Weather2020 has shown an accuracy of 76.9% for forecasts up to 200 days out. We have predicted massive hurricanes months in advance as well as spot on temperatures for major events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

My API Key doesn’t work! 2016-11-18T22:27:16+00:00

If you are having problems accessing the API or any other API related issues please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you provide forecasts for the whole world? 2016-11-18T22:26:49+00:00

Yes, we offer certain enterprise clients access to worldwide forecasts.

Can I upgrade after signing up? 2016-11-18T22:26:26+00:00

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. If you are on our free plan you can set your account to automatically upgrade if your use more than your allotted 1,000 free API calls in a day.

What information do you provide? 2016-11-18T22:26:00+00:00

For our API services and depending on the plan selected, Weather2020 can provide weekly forecasts up to 12 weeks in advance along with educational and video forecasts. Each weekly forecast is broken up into specific zip codes with high and low temperatures, weather (cloudy, rainy, etc.) with weather icons. Each forecast also contains a text forecast written by our in-house meteorologists for each of the 16 US regions.

If you are custom or more detailed information please contact us directly about our enterprise solutions.

How accurate are the forecasts? 2016-11-18T22:18:06+00:00

Over the past 5 years the LRC has been shown to be 75% to 90% accurate up to 200 days in advance. However, during the Autumn months, new yearly weather patterns are developing thus decreasing the accuracy for that time period.