It was the winter of 1987-1988 that Gary Lezak narrowed in on something that he was seeing in weather patterns. That winter, in Oklahoma City of all places, there were many impacting winter storm systems. There was a one foot snowstorm in Oklahoma City in December, and then there was a second one foot snowstorm in late January. It was this second storm that Gary noticed looked way too similar to the first storm to not be related. To have two over one foot snowstorms in the same spot, in a location that only averages around 8” of snow per winter says a lot. For this to happen, it just had to mean they were related. And, this was the beginning of close to 30 years of analysis and Gary came up with his theory that was named by the popular weather blogs at KSHB-TV and Weather2020 as the Lezak Recurring Cycle, or LRC.

The pattern is cycling regularly and our knowledge of this cycling pattern provides your business team a huge advantage over using other more traditional and flawed weather forecast systems. We are now providing our automated forecasts and our team of LRC Certified Meteorologists expertise and Gary’s videos to help your team mitigate loss and maximize profit in your weather sensitive business.

So, what is it that we do for your business or farm? This has been back tested with 20 years of increasing success with accurate weather forecast information. We provide the best and most accurate weather forecast that will help your team. You will get highs, lows, HDDs, CDDs, GDDs, and much more. You will receive video updates from Meteorologist Gary Lezak that will bring this to life. Start now, get your zipcode the best forecast now by joining our team.


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Here Comes The Rain!

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

We are expecting between 1 and 2 inches of rain near Kansas City from this system.. The last date with one inch of rain fell on September 13th, 196 days ago. This streak likely will come to an end.  Remember what will […]

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Super Bowl XLVII

Event Date: February 2, 2014
Forecast issued: January 6, 2014

When the NFL announced the first outdoor cold-weather climate Super Bowl, forecasters and news outlets reported that Super Bowl XLVII would be snowed out. At the same time, Weather2020 maintained the February 2 game would see temperatures in the 50s and no snow. The game never saw a flake of snow!

Major Storm in the South

Event date: January 27, 2014
Forecast issued: December 12, 2013

A major winter storm blew through the southern United States in late January, bringing major activity in the South to a sudden halt. Weather2020 issued a weather alert more than 6 weeks prior to the storm, calling for a major winter storm and arctic blast.

Masters Tournament

Event date: April 7-13, 2014
Forecast issued: February 10, 2014

More than 50 days prior to the tournament, Weather2020 predicted the Augusta, Ga. area would see rain in the early parts of the weekday practice rounds with nice weather moving in by the weekend tournament. Storms closed the tournament for the first time in 11 years on Monday but the rest of the tournament took place without weather problems.


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“Weather2020 was vital in the planning of one of my client’s biggest events of the year. Originally scheduled for May 16, I started consulting Weather2020’s long-range forecasts eight weeks out. When I saw that Weather2020 was forecasting possible SNOW on this date, I immediately consulted my cleint and moved the event one week later. Low and behold, snow fell in Chicago on May 16!”

Hillary P., Chicago

“It’s really amazing how easy it is, even for a non-meteorologist like me, to see cycles in weather patterns. And the usefulness of the ability to forecast weeks or months in advance, particularly major storm events, has all sorts of practical applications. ”

Charles Spencer, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Geosciences, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Our family had our annual Florida vacation scheduled nearly eight months in advance. When Weather2020 started to forecast a major cold front with rain and storms during our vacation’s scheduled dates, my family decided to postpone out trip on week later. We’re so happy we did! The original dates ended up being extremely we t and rainy and the week we were in Florida produced warm weather and sunny skies! The small fees we were assessed for changing our trip plans were miniscule compared to the disappointment we would have experienced if we had spent an entire week in Florida with chilly weather, rain and storms! ”

Stacy B., Oklahoma


A Fun Weather Adventure For Kids & Parents Alike!

When the skies darken and the thunder rumbles, if you’re like most of us, you’re probably quick to grab the TV remote and check the weather. You want to know how bad the coming storm is going to be. Now, the most accurate and popular meteorologist in Kansas City Gary Lezak brings his meteorological expertise to a new medium-children’s literature. “It’s A Sunny Life!” is an adventure for rain or shine. It tells the story of Sunny the Weather Dog, as she becomes separated from Gary, and has to deal with the weather elements in a bonding adventure with her new pack members. Also included, after the beautiful and suspenseful children’s story ends, is a special section, “Sunny’s Weather Academy,” which provides fun answers to all sorts of weather-related questions. What are the different types of clouds and what does each mean? Why does the weather change so quickly sometimes? What is precipitation? And, of special interest to parents, in the event of severe weather, what should you and your family do to stay safe. This special section is being enjoyed by kids of all ages.