The Value of Weather2020 and the LRC

Weather2020’s core offering is the LRC Platform. The LRC Platform’s exclusive methodologies and modeling of data services,  combined with traditional modeling techniques and expertise, provide our clients with long-term forecasts for temperature,  precipitation and other business impact climate events. The LRC has proven over decades to be the most accurate long-range platform available to businesses today.


More than 70 years ago Jerome Namais, Head of the Long-Range Forecasting Division of the National Weather Bureau, began piecing together the weather puzzle based on weather cycle patterns.

Discovery & Validation

40 years later Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak, using meteorology and mathmatics, identified and documented the weather patterns and developed models and methodologies known today as the LRC(R)

Our Team

Weather2020's trained meteorologists, data analysts, and modelers use that expertise in combination with the LRC to deliver the most accurate predictive analytics to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide our clients the most accurate predictive weather analytics and help businesses worldwide proactively mitigate risk and capitalize on Weather Impact Events.

Our Success

Combining predictive data reports using the LRC has allowed our clients to mitigate, and in fact optimize, their business's results based on weather impact events.

So, how can the LRC help your business?