Jet Stream Will Reach Peak Strength Soon

The jet stream will reach it’s peak strength in late January and early February. The pattern continues to cycle according to the LRC at close to 50 days. Learn more about this breakthrough technology by joining the LRC Forecast Experience […]

2016-01-14T10:53:03-06:00January 14th, 2016|LRC|2 Comments

A Stormy Winter Pattern Begins

We have identified a 30 to 35 day stormy phase of this year’s LRC, and a 15-20 day calmer phase of this year’s pattern. Expect the stormy phase to last from mid-December to around January 20th, and then again it […]

2015-12-04T17:44:33-06:00December 4th, 2015|LRC|0 Comments

El Niño Is Strengthening

Major hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean! Some of the warmest water near the equator ever recorded! And, the weather pattern is now being influenced by El Niño. However, and this is very important, the LRC is the centerpiece of the […]

2015-10-23T08:04:22-05:00October 23rd, 2015|LRC|0 Comments

The New LRC Is Evolving Now

Welcome to the second half of October. According to the LRC, a unique weather pattern sets up every fall between around October 1st and November 10th.  The critical three weeks are October 15th to November 5th.  Let’s watch this pattern […]

2015-10-15T11:39:11-05:00October 15th, 2015|LRC|0 Comments

Cycling Pattern Moving Through August

Look how strong the jet stream is across the Southern Hemisphere, and how weak it is across the Northern Hemisphere. The jet stream has now retreated to it’s farthest north position across the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern Hemisphere is deep […]

2015-08-02T10:26:56-05:00August 2nd, 2015|LRC|0 Comments

The LRC In Cycle 6

The jet stream continues to retreat north across the Northern Hemisphere. It will reach it’s weakest and farthest north position by early August.  This is still the same pattern that began in October and is cycling today. Join the LRC […]

2015-07-08T08:21:15-05:00July 8th, 2015|LRC|0 Comments

The Summer Pattern Begins

As you can see on this upper level flow interactive map, the jet stream has retreated north and the summer pattern is settling in. If you are new to the LRC, then you may not realize that the same pattern […]

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