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Augment your business analytics with Weather2020 business consulting Services

Business consulting with a focus on weather

Weather2020’s predictive data reports and tools proactively allow clients to develop targeted weather event strategies in support of their business goals and objectives.

Weather2020 consultants work with clients to proactively develop weather-related strategies. Using techniques like geo-mapping, statistical trending ,and other weather-based intelligence, Weather2020 consultants support our clients’ risk mitigation, risk management, disaster preparedness, and business continuity planning requirements.

Consulting Services

Services are provided on a project-based, time and material, virtual and managed professional services model. 

Clients dedicated to a specific outcome typically require consulting services. These clients typically need customized tools and services which require modification of the LRC platform. Detailed advanced “long-range” weather event confidence reporting includes our exclusive weather event prediction alerts including event strength, odds, and population of identified target areas.


  • Strategic analysis and reports identifying and tracking dramatic weather events.
  • Consulting services customized for the client
  • Proprietary WaaS API consulting for integration with client data
  • Access to data models and methods
  • Data analytics consulting
  • Custom development and reporting
  • Access to a meteorologist
  • LRC training
  • Detailed executive briefing
  • And more

Project Management and Implementation

The following enhancements are available for clients with requirements outside of the core offerings:

  • Detailed advanced “long -range” weather event confidence reporting, including our exclusive weather event prediction alerts
  • Tailored strategic analysis and reports tracking dramatic weather events
  • LRC Training and implementation
  • Weather2020’s executive client briefings and business updates

Weather2020 provides Clients with a virtual meteorology support team on an as-needed basis. This offering provides skill on demand for an hourly fee, especially useful during high-impact weather events. Clients contract for a minimum number of hours and use as needed. 

Virtual Meteorologist

Managed LRC WaaS Services

Weather2020 provides clients a virtual weather support team on an as-needed basis. This offering provides skill on-demand for a monthly fee with unlimited access to the meteorology support team.

Weather2020 WaaS and business consulting services are focused on leveraging the LRC. If client requirements are not met in the platform and business consulting offerings the client may request a customized platform that would remain the property of client. For customized or dedicated platforms, please contact Weather2020.

Weather2020 is at its core a predictive weather data services provider. Services include integration of the proprietary LRC API with client data, access to data models and methods, and LRC data analytics consulting.

Data Support Services