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Major Storm System: Historic November Tornado Outbreak

Yes, that is snow right over the same location where the supercell thunderstorms formed yesterday. Wow, the second storm this season that has had tornadoes one day and snow the next, and this time it may go from tornadoes to a blizzard. This storm is tracking just a bit farther south, but it will be kicked northeastward tonight. Have a great day. I had 1.60" of rain in south Overland Park, KS. How much did you have? We are currently analyzing the end of the week system and we will continue this conversation in the comments section.

2015-11-17T00:02:02+00:00November 17th, 2015|General|50 Comments

Major Storm, Forecast Contest, Severe Weather Potential, & More

This weather pattern still has a few features we are identifying, confirming, and determining what these factors will mean for, not just the next three months of winter, but also for the spring and summer seasons. The forecast we issue Tuesday night will include a seasonal snow forecast for Kansas City, which has been within three inches of snow the past couple of years.

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The Development Of This Next Storm System

The warm beginning to this season continues. El Niño has continued to strengthen. And, the most recent storm system is now about to develop. The Great Lakes just had Lake-Effect Rain, and then it finally became cold enough for some Lake-Effect snow. The weather pattern is now set for the season, and we are continuing our diligent work on figuring out what this pattern will mean for each location.

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Veteran’s Day Storm System: Severe Weather Risk

A strong storm system is now ejecting out of the Rocky Mountain states and out into the plains. This storm is producing an intensifying surface low this morning and snow is falling across parts of the high plains of northeastern Colorado, southeastern Wyoming, southwestern Nebraska, and northwestern Kansas. This area has a Blizzard Warning......

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What A Difference A Year Makes!

A strong storm system will be moving out into the plains states tonight. This will be drawing in some warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. This is far different than what was happening just one year ago today. Let's start with a look back to last year. Look at this map that I plotted to be valid at midnight on Veteran's Day 2014

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