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El Niño: Where Is Southern California’s Rain

The warm weather pattern continues for the next few days and there are big changes showing up by the weekend. In today's blog entry we will discuss El Niño and some uncharacteristic things already happening in this weather pattern. We will take a look into this weekend's storm, and the next two storm systems to follow as a series of storm systems is setting up.

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A Big Change In The Next Five Days

The weather pattern will go through some major changes in the next five days. Right now the United States is mostly in west to east flow aloft, what we call zonal flow aloft. By the end of the week a big dip in the flow will develop over the western states. Let's take a look

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Big Warming Trend This Week

The incredible cycling pattern is set for the season. We are moving into the second cycle of this year's features of this year's pattern. When will they return? What will they mean as we move through this winter season when they do return? Will California

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Saturday Morning Thoughts On A Big Change

We are in the calmer phase of this year's weather pattern. I am not sure if these will be the names going forward, calmer & stormier, but it seems to fit right now. The calmer phase features more west to east flow and weaker storm systems. The stormier phase of the pattern actually is the dominant #1 pattern as discussed in the winter forecast and it likely is a 30 to 35

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A Stormy Winter Pattern Begins

We have identified a 30 to 35 day stormy phase of this year’s LRC, and a 15-20 day calmer phase of this year’s pattern. Expect the stormy phase to last from mid-December to around January 20th, and then again it […]

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Take A Look At This

You are looking at the 276 hour forecast. First of all, it looks quite similar to the late October set-up, and I had been looking for this the past few days, and now it's showing up. It is clear evidence that we are moving into LRC Cycle 2, and the stormy part of the pattern that will last around 30 to 35 days is about to begin. That is snow in KC and on the 16th of December

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Winter Forecast Comes Out Thursday

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

I posted this earlier this morning, but I had it in the wrong category. Here you go. Tomorrow’s Winter Forecast blog will be out by early afternoon. That’s the plan!

Our in-depth winter forecast will be coming out […]

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