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Welcome to Weather2020,

The weather pattern is cycling regularly. There is Order In Chaos, as described by the LRC.  This year’s weather pattern has gone from a developing weak El Niño into an El Niño influenced winter, and now El Niño has faded away to neutral conditions during the summer.  While this phase change in the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) happened, the LRC continued.  The weather pattern that set up last fall continues today, despite the influences from other forces. This allows Weather2020 to provide your team something different, a forward looking weather analytics system that provides insight and data into the next few months.

The weather has dried out a bit across the corn belt.  This drier trend will continue as summer strengthens. There should be enough timely rains to make the corn crops that have been planted, and there may be some drought stress at times.  We are monitoring this closely. Contact your Weather2020 representative if you have any questions.

Tropical Storm Barry will be forming later this week, at least we have high confidence that it will form.  We are monitoring this as well!

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