A Quiet Day Compared To Six Years Ago

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Six years ago today was one of the worst tornado days in our weather history.  Joplin Missouri was blasted by an EF-5 tornado that killed 158 people and produced a $2.8 billion disaster.  The wind speeds in that […]

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A Developing Cold Front & Clipper System

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Kansas City Weather Time-Line (Looking into Memorial Day weekend):

  • Today:  A gorgeous day as we are in the circulation around the big storm moving into Canada.  In winter this would have been a colder breezy day. The May […]
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Open Your Mind To This LRC Example

Good Saturday morning bloggers,

I am sitting here listening to my new Super CD this morning and doing an analysis of the LRC. Coldplay and the Chainsmokers combined to have this huge hit, “Something Like This”.  Let’s look at something just […]

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The Strong Storm Approaches

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This is Jeff Penner with an update:

We have been tracking two storm systems this week with the first one now in eastern Canada.  This was the system from Wednesday that a Tornado Watch was issued, now we are […]

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The Rare HIGH RISK Today

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A Severe Weather Outbreak Is Likely

From The Storm Prediction Center:  “An Outbreak Of Severe Thunderstorms with tornadoes, very large hail, and wind damage is expected to develop across parts of the southern and central plains from this afternoon […]

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Interesting Few Days Ahead Of Us

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Severe Weather Time-Line:

  • Daylight Hours Today:  The severe weather risk will be waiting on whether or not the cap will break before sunset.  If the cap breaks it will likely do so out near Dodge City, KS, and this […]
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Quick Sunday Update

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Thoughts on severe weather risks this week:

  • Tuesday: The surface map will look impressive and I will plot one for Mondays blog entry.  There will be a rather strong capping layer aloft preventing any severe thunderstorm from forming […]
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