Jet Stream Shifting North

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Good Memorial Day afternoon bloggers,

I have been doing a lot of research on the cycling pattern. I think you will find our presentation on June 22nd quite fascinating. To many of you there won’t be many surprises, but I think you will love the progress we are making. For many others I believe it will be eye opening. More on this later in June as the presentation is not until June 22.

The jet stream is about to retreat. Could this be the end of tornado season as we have known it? Maybe, maybe not quite yet as it is early, but summer is now just three weeks away.

Look at what happens in this next few days. The jet stream shifts almost completely out of the United States, with the exception of a dip over the Great Lakes into the northeastern United States.  What does this mean? We will discuss in tomorrows blog.

Now before you make to many assumptions and conclusions, please understand that this is typical and we were due for a retreat of the jet stream. The pattern is still cycling as described by the LRC and it will dip south a few more times.  The question is how much? Another take away, sis there is still a weak southern branch. So, we still have some pretty good chances of rain and thunderstorms in the weeks before summer arrives.

Have a great Monday evening!


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Mr. Pete

More rain in KC tomorrow??


Crazy high winds . Severe storms in Moscow today. At least 11 dead. Video from severe studios. Construction Crane toppling. Destruction widespread

No mention of tornado.