Not Even One Snowflake In November Again

The LRC is coming into focus this week. Yesterday I suggested that this next weeks storm system fit the LRC, but that it would likely mean a faster, weaker, and farther north track. This is now showing up on the models, unfortunately for us snow enthusiasts.

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The Eastern Pacific Blocking Index

There is a chance of rain today as a system zips across the plains states. It is not a very organized storm system. It will be interesting to watch as it tracks across today. The entire weather pattern will be fascinating during these next two to three weeks as winter gets closer to starting. What is it that we have with the LRC? Well, that's up to you and your own thoughts on this, but we firmly believe it is a breakthrough technology that we are sharing with you on this blog.

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It’s A Fascinating Weather Pattern

Our Weathering Winter Special is on at 6:30 PM Saturday evening. Try to DVR it or watch it. Our entire weather team has their snowfall forecasts and we will prepare you for this winter that is about to begin. Remember, it is still fall! This weather pattern is absolutely fascinating. There is something about it that I have not put my weather forecasting finger on yet. Yes, we have made our rather significant and bold forecast on a mild winter.......

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The Winter Forecast

We hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend. The weather pattern is now set for the season, but what exactly is it and what does it mean for where you live. Here is the in-depth weather forecast for the next few months. I will post the video later. Here is our winter forecast discussion as of today:

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Snow Is Showing Up & This Time It May Be Real

onight we will make our winter forecast. And, this is before the entire LRC has come into focus. We will know so much more about this cycling pattern in the next two to four weeks. There have been snow storms showing up on the computer models for weeks already, and I have not been excited about one of them yet as we are waiting for one to actually fit that pattern that we just experienced in the first LRC Cycle. I have reasons, some strong reasons to believe that this pattern is about to become very favorable for Kansas City to have its first inch of snow within two week

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Latest Data Overnight Is Much Warmer…Is It Accurate?

This is very different than what the models were showing. This would be another eastern Pacific storm dropping down the west coast which would warm up most of the region off to the east of this trough, but is this at all accurate? The other models have varying solutions that are also somewhat amplified. Our winter forecast comes out tomorrow night.

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Weak La Niña & Snow

An incredible weather pattern is setting up for the winter right before our eyes. Our Weather2020 team of meteorologists has an insight that has been evolving for 20+ years now. Do we know all? No, absolutely not. Do we have something incredible in our meteorology and weather forecasting tool box? Absolutely yes!

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