Some Major Changes Showing Up In Around One Week

It has been a rather interesting 24 hours. I got a little outspoken on Twitter Sunday saying "That play does NOT happen with Alex Smith. Go Chiefs". Elizabeth Alex got upset and tweeted back to me. We did make up and she accepted my apology, but it went viral. Here is the article that made it to USA Today and it also made it to CBS

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No End In Sight To This Pattern That Is Continuing To Develop

The other forecasts you read about do NOT use the LRC. We believe the LRC is the best tool/method known in the field of meteorology today. As you can see on the chart above the LRC provides a huge advantage to the forecaster, yet most of the forecasters you and I know in the world do not even know about this evolving technique that now has 30 years of research behind it and 20 years of evolving accurate weather forecasts lead by many signature forecasts. One of our best forecasts ever made was for the outdoor Super Bowl in East Rutherford, NJ. You can read our forecast that was written about in, or Here is the link: New Jersey Newspaper Article In 2014.

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Here Comes A Weak Fall Cold Front

It was 80 degrees in Kansas City late this afternoon and 75 in Chicago where game 4 of the World Series is being played. A cold front is moving through Chicago now, a dry front for the time being, and cooler air will arrive with the wind increasing a bit from the north. This cold front will move through KC tonight as well. Have a great Saturday night!

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Near Record Warm Weather & A Weak Cold Front

I just competed an extensive analysis of many previous LRC years particularly looking into the 2004-2005 year and the 2010-2011 year. The 2004-2005 winter produced the second wettest winter in Los Angeles recorded weather history, and it was not an El Niño winter. Last year in the strong El Niño winter Los Angeles had another dry year showing quite impressively that El Niño is not the huge influence everyone makes it out to be, well, it is a big influence on an overall climate level, but not on a storm level forecast level and this is where the LRC comes into play.

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80 Degrees Again & A Look At The AO

We are going to finish October in the 80s and that includes three of them. It will likely be near 80° today, Saturday, and Monday with a little front sneaking in and a cool down on Sunday. Looking at the latest medium range models the warmer and drier pattern shows no sign of breaking. What is going on?

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Something Isn’t Adding Up….Be Patient

Last night one GFS computer model run had many storm systems on it, cold air blasts developing, and an active and exciting pattern. But, every other model run from previous and the latest GFS models, and the European model and others have nothing but more of what we have been experiencing. Remember, the models tend to repeat what we are in now and could very well be very flawed. This is a run of the GFS that was not too exciting, but look at all of the things happening. There is so much going on right now

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Changing Pattern

Good Morning bloggers,

Well, my part of town maxed out with 058″ of rain last night.  Here is what I wrote early this morning:  It’s 3:45 AM and my internal weather alarm clock went off.  Lightning is shooting across the sky […]

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Rain & Thunderstorms By Morning….World Series Forecast

The World Series begins today and because of Ned Yost, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, and Kelvin Herrera the Cleveland Indians get home field advantage and the series is opening up in Cleveland tonight. The weather looks great for baseball at this time of the year with 40s tonight but light winds and dry weather. The weather should stay dry for game 2 tomorrow night, and then when the series moves to Chicago Friday nights weather looks fantastic in the windy city.

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The Warm Weather Pattern Continues

This month has been a warm one over most of the United States. Kansas City has had 7 days with below average temperatures and 16 days with above average temperatures thus far and KC is around 4°F above average for the month at this point. The overall weather pattern continues to evolve and we are in the middle of the most critical set up time for the LRC. What is forecast to happen in the next ten days is of utmost importance. The models have come into agreement at the day ten time frame of a storm approaching California. This will keep it warm over much of the United States as these changes continue to take place, but is this storm coming in fantasy or real?

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The Pattern Is Still Just Beginning

The weather pattern that we will experience for the next year is still evolving. I will work on a more sophisticated graphic to show snowfall averages from the past 5, 10, 20 years and longer, but on a quick analysis last night here what I calculated for Kansas City.

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