A Great Picture That Says 1,000 Words

This picture says 1,000 words. It has a great posing picture of myself with Sunny and Breezy. It also has a beautiful cumulonimbus cloud way up to my north. Where was this thunderstorm? Right over Hodge Park in Kansas City, North. Yes, right over the Rhythm & Baloons Festival. The second straight night with a thunderstorm over the event. 99% of the city was dry, with the 1% right over the northland:

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The Weather Begins To Calm Down

This video forecast has verified 100%. It's another incredibly accurate long range forcast using our breakthrough technology. Remember, we are the only ones in the world making any long range forecast videos like this, and they are verifying time after time, forecast after forecast. What lies ahead of us? September is usually one of our wettest months, when you are in a wet pattern. This cycling pattern continues, and we are forecasting a warm September and above average rainfall.

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Weather Risks Friday Evening

If you look at the entire world there is one slight risk area for severe thunderstorms today. And, this slight risk area is centered over Kansas City where it has been quite wet the past few days, especially on the south side of the KC metro area. Here is the latest severe weather risk from the Storm Prediction Center:

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Another Stormy Night In Some Spots

Well, I had 2.49" of rain last night, adding to the 3.26" from yesterday for a two-day total of 5.75". Wow! Here is a look at the 3:30 AM radar when thunderstorms were wide spread with a torrential downpour on the south side of KC.

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A Rare August Storm

On this water vapor satellite picture you can see a lot. One thing that is quite visible is the ITCZ, or the Intertropical Convergence Zone. The low-level circulation over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans is dominated by the easterly flow around the equatorward flank of the subtropical high-pressure belts near 30N and 30S.

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Evening Update On This Rare & Developing August Storm

This front will move very slowly, and monsoon moisture is streaming north, and there is as usual at this time of the year copious amounts of low level Gulf of Mexico moisture. There is also an anchor upper level storm, that we will discuss in tomorrow's blog, over the southwestern United States. This will have to lead to some high rainfall totals tonight. Here is the latest NAM model:

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