Looking Back On This Month Of July

Here it is July 30, 2016 and where are the heat advisories, the heat warnings on this quiet late July morning? There is an "Air Quality Alert" in the San Joaquin Valley in California, and some high fire danger warnings out west, but the rest of the nation is rather quiet:

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0.15″ of Rain & Today’s LRC Video

I hope you had some fun in tracking last night's complex of thunderstorms. As you can see in yesterday's blog, we tracked it from way up west of Concordia, KS all the way into the KC metro area where it fell apart just an hour later. I had a ridiculously low 0.15" of rain, but enjoyed every drop of it as it hadn't rained in over two weeks at my place.

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The Grass Is Greener

It hasn't rained in two weeks in many spots, suddenly, and yet the grass is still green. I was somewhat surprised this morning on my daily walk with Breezy and Sunny at how green all of the lawns still are, even the ones that are not irrigated. I was expecting a few showers and thunderstorms this morning, but not again:

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To Rain or Not To Rain, That Is The Question

We continue to have challenging forecasts around the nation in this summer pattern. We have had a fairly wet month of July around Kansas City, and yet we need rain. At this time of the year the lawn could have a drink of around 2" per week to keep it lush and green.

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Wet or Dry, It Depends On Where You Live

The frustration is peaking again for some of us near KC that got zero rain last night. I literally did not have one drop of rain and yet had thunderstorms within a few miles of my house all night long. I must have seen 100 lightning strikes last night.

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Today’s Weather Set-Up

This track is bringing heavy rain, high surf, and some strong wind gusts to the islands. The orographic (elevation/mountain) affects of the rainfall patterns across Hawaii will be impacted by this tropical storm. It really is a fascinating thing to watch. It is taking a track they should produce heavy rain on the dry side of the islands, the desert sides. Did you know there is a desert side on most of the islands

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The Heat Wave Will Shift West: Rain Should Be On The Way

I am recording a video to explain today's blog entry and it is posted below the LRC Index graphic. According to the definition of a heat wave Kansas City is likely not going to have a heat wave in this July stretch of heat. Remember a heat wave is defined to be at least three consecutive days of 95° or hotter, and at KCI Airport, the official recording station, it was 93° Wednesday, 95° Thursday, and then only 93° yesterday due to the quite fascinating outflow boundary. Today and Sunday will likely go

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