A Rare Summer Storm Approaches Begins Developing

We are about to break the iceberg for the third time in this year's LRC. If you are near Kansas City, live here, or have been reading this blog for a while, then you know we have been through this two other times in this year's cycling pattern. It was very dry in October when many of the bloggers were talking drought.

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The Hot June Pattern Will Get A Little Break

In today's blog entry we will discuss where we are now in the summer version of this year's LRC. We will begin with what has happened this month in Kansas City. It reached 94 degrees yesterday as we had some frontal compression where it heats up just ahead of a cold front. Can you find the small heat wave we had this month?

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Did We Break The Ice?

You can't make this up? I am baffled this afternoon as we see very wet thunderstorms that have developed just east of Kansas City, while my yard is crisp, turning brown, and it's difficult to explain. We are finding yet another way to get missed. The iceberg is huge!

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Will The Ice Break Tonight?

My yard is crisp, turning brown, and I am watering. I would rather have some natural rain fall on the lawn and tonight may be the night. But, then again, I am not counting on it. Just like during the winter season when there was any chance of a potential storm capable of producing snow, it just would not happen. But, when we needed the rain we have been able to break through that iceberg in each situation.

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Hottest Kansas City Day In Three Years Today

The Kansas City area will likely have it's hottest day in almost three years. In today's blog we will look at the set-up for today's heat, and we will also show you where we are within the cycling pattern. It's rather fascinating and I can't wait to share it with you.

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It’s Happening Again….It’s The Same Pattern

Summer began on Monday at 5:34 PM central time. What can we expect this summer? The same pattern according to the LRC continues and we are experiencing many of the same frustrations that we had during the winter. Yesterday it hit 122 degrees in Palm Springs, CA. Wow! The heat will loosen it's grip in the next couple of days out west just a bit. In Kansas City, thunderstorms tracked into parts of the KC metro area, but not even one drop fell over the south KC metro area and the thunderstorms have continued this morning.

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