Severe Weather Chances? Where Are They?

A cool air mass is over spreading the plains states this morning as the block begins forming over the North Atlantic and Greenland. The potential for severe thunderstorms will be increasing in the next few weeks and we have a special that will air tonight on and 41 Action News

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Kansas City Is Chipping Away At The Iceberg & Earth’s Hot Streak Reaches It’s 11th Month In A Row

t this time of the year, that last little line moving east of Olathe would usually be thunderstorms, but instead is just a thin line of showers, similar to what happened two days ago. Well, there is hope. Look at the rainfall forecast from the latest GFS, and this time it isn't the entire 16 day total, but just the next ten days

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Massive Flooding Likely In Next Two Weeks: A Major Block Develops

The latest devastating flooding has hit the Houston, TX area hard. Over 20 inches of rain hell in spots. The Cypress Trails Equestrian Center was flooded and some incredible human beings helped save most of the horses. All but a very few have been saved, and some that are still loose may be saved as well. Here is a picture that says 1,000 words

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The Developing Late April Pattern

A weekend of snow in Colorado ends with a Monday morning with flash flooding over parts of Texas. At the same time rain has struggle to get into Missouri an an area that really needs the rain. Sedalia, MO is 5 inches of rain below average for the year so far. The developing drought.....

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Watch This & Let Me Explain An Important Point

We just experienced the strongest El Niño ever recorded. And, yes, there were many impacts around the globe. Next year may form into a strong La Niña and impacts will be different. The year after that may be El Niño, La Niña, or more neutral. Don't you think there will be major impacts in these next few years. What I am trying to say here is that El Niño definitely influenced the pattern this winter, but something bigger is going on.

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Early Weekend Thoughts

The weekend weather is starting out nice. How will it end? How much rain is going to fall across the developing drought areas in Kansas and Oklahoma? It appears we will get a lot of rain in the next two weeks. Which areas will get most of this rain, and who will be in the rain shadow? These questions will be answered soon.

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A Cut-Off Low, Weather Person’s Woe

It is a rather quiet April 14th morning across the United States. The next impacting storm is coming into the west coast today. What happens to this energy next will be fascinating to watch as the storm will get cut off from the main flow. More on these developments in just a second, but first take a look

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How To Explain Another Miss

Here we go again. It's like Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day". We have been through this before. The LRC continues to cycle in the 47-52 day range and we are in the fourth full cycle. The fifth cycle will begin in the next couple of weeks. So, we have been through this three times already and now we are going through it again.

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When Will It Get Active?

Let's begin with a look at one of our newest videos forecasting the weather for one storm we have near 100% confidence that it will produce the set-up for a major severe weather outbreak in May:

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