Weather2020: Voice Of Reason

A strong storm is affecting the United States this weekend. I titled this blog entry "Weather2020: Voice Of Reason" for a reason, pun intended. I just watched the beginning of The Today Show and heard this, "30 million people are in the path of this severe weather risk today". What are they trying to do here? Are they just getting your attention? Not only are 30 million people not in the path of this severe weather risk, but only a few of them will be affected. Here is a look at the storm system:

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Another Rain Event Moving Across The Plains

The next storm is moving out of the western states and into the Rocky Mountains and plains states. This would usually be a set-up for severe thunderstorms, but instead is mostly going to be a generous rain producer and right over that developing drought area that the Climate Prediction Center had placed weeks ago. It has been obliterated. It's gone. The drought monitor will likely fizzle it away in the next update or two. It has rained too much. Look at this rainfall forecast over Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and east into Arkansas and Missouri

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Thanksgiving In April: The Incredible Cycling Pattern

The active week of weather that is tracking across the United States has not calmed down yet. Another storm is moving into the western states and out into the plains this weekend. We are experiencing a weather pattern that has never happened before in the history of Earth. This is one of the major aspects of the LRC which is a unique pattern sets up every year in the fall, cycles, and continues through the rest of fall, winter, spring, and summer before a new and unique pattern sets up again the next fall.

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Severe Weather Risk Increases

The risk of severe thunderstorms is increasing across the plains today. There is a chance of a significant to major severe weather outbreak. In big outbreaks morning thunderstorms that happen early and then move off are showing some of the cards that will be in play later in the day

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Two Outbreaks Possible: Very Active Week ahead!

There are two potential severe weather outbreaks in the forecast for the United States. Sunday is my 54th birthday, and there is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. We will look into this set-up soon, but more importantly is what is in the cards for Tuesday-Wednesday and around Friday night-Saturday. I created this graphic below for Tuesday. We are in the "Thanksgiving weekend" part of the cycling weather pattern called the LRC. It was a wet seven days 150 days ago, and it is likely going to produce in LRC Cycle 5

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Outbreak Set-Up For Early Next Week?

There is a potent storm about to form and eject out into the plains states by Tuesday night. Conditions may very well come together for a potential severe weather outbreak late Tuesday afternoon, evening, and night, but there are still a lot of questions.

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