Kansas City Misses It Again!

Is there something to Kansas City seemingly almost always getting missed by the worst of the severe weather? We will discuss this in a minute. Look at what happened near Tulsa, OK yesterday evening:

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Severe Weather Risk

There is a risk of severe thunderstorms over a rather broad area today. As usual there are many uncertainties. This storm is anything but classic. The set-up is unique. The upper level storm is going through a transition in the next 12 hours. It is positively tilted. There are questions on where the best heating will be? Where will the surface low track?

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Mid-Week Storm & A look At Baseball’s Opening Night Forecast

After a rather interesting Easter weekend of weather with rain, a few thunderstorms, snow, sleet, and then sunshine to finish it off, it's time to look ahead to the opening night for Major League Baseball. Opening night features the World Champion Kansas City Royals hosting the New York Mets on Sunday night. Just a few days ago it appeared it would most likely be rather cold, but Sunday is now likely to be rather nice in KC and I will show you why in this blog entry.

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Why Kansas City & Surrounding Areas Are In Drying Out Trouble

Kansas City, we have a problem. As we move into this last week of March the storm systems continue to struggle to produce significant precipitation over the wheat belt of the western plains, especially over western Kansas, and east to western Missouri. These next two storm systems seem to be following suit. As you likely know, I have been hesitating to say that KC will get a significant precipitation event f

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The Easter Weekend Potential Storm

So, what's next? Is there going to be a nice soaking storm this Easter weekend or not? Every model but the GFS model has a wet storm over parts of Kansas into western Missouri and south into Oklahoma this weekend, and this is an area that really could use a good drink of water. But, the one model that doesn't have it has consistently not had it coming together. The other models have been just as consistent in producing this wet storm. Which direction do I lean in?

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I Remember This One: Snow Is Possible Early Thursday

In the last cycle, this storm system had a southern extension of the storm in the form of a vort max that produced a spinning area of snow just north of the Missouri/Iowa border. I think it is going to happen again between 4 AM and 10 AM Thursday morning, and this time it may be a bit farther south in Missouri?

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