Interesting Changes In The Next Two Weeks

There are some changes showing up in the 5 to 15 day range that will likely lead us into a spring pattern. Over the past few weeks most of the storm systems have been intensifying and becoming more organized as they approached the Mississippi River Valley, Great Lakes, and Northeast. As the Arctic air becomes less of a factor in March

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We have been sharing the LRC with you for over 20 years now. It was back in 1996 when I started issuing winter forecasts, way before any other source even thought about the longer range. We have come a long way in the past 20 years, but realistically a lot longer than 20 years, more like 30 years for myself, and possibly a lot longer for others that may have seen this cycling pattern.

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Could We Be About To Have Our Last Chance Of Snow?

The Kansas City area has gone 35 days in a row without even one tenth of an inch of snow, all of February. February will end with no measurable snow for the entire month and as we move into March there are two possible chances of snow showing up, but after everything we have experienced I am hesitant

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Friday Weather Thoughts

It's Friday! And, look at how calm it is across most of North America. The big, impacting severe weather producing, storm system has moved off the east coast and we are now left with a very calm weather pattern on this Friday morning.

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A Big Warm-Up & A The Next Big Storm

There is a lot to discuss today. A big storm has shown up consistently on the models, and I am sure it is something you all will be wanting to debate today in the blog. I will get to this next big storm in a minute. There is also a big-warm-up that will spread out across the nation, and we will also discuss this in today's blog. But, let's start with this:

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Severe Weather Risk Today

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

I am beginning this blog entry early. I am not sure if you saw my 6 PM newscast, but I want off on this ridiculous weather pattern, and I will do it again at 10 PM.  I […]

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A Storm Forms Tuesday

The weather continues to stay dry over eastern Kansas and western Missouri, but this is not the case for areas closer to the Mississippi River Valley. A storm system will be developing tonight and Tuesday and it will have a winter side to it and a spring-like side to it.

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And…….Part 2 Of The Same Things

It's a very quiet morning across the United States. The "Wind Storm" that brought 73 mph wind gusts to Chicago, a warm surge into southern Canada, and mostly dry weather, has lifted up into Canada and weakened. Take a look at the watches, warnings and advisories today:

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