Major Winter Storm Begins Forming In Two Days

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. We have had some great interaction as we share in this weather experience and I would like to thank all of you for your participation. We are all learning a lot by sharing in such a positive way. In today's blog I am going to showcase why the storm sill likely take the farther south track

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It’s Still Five Days Away

This next storm developing later this weekend into next week looks rather similar to a storm from 50 days ago (this year's pattern is close to 50 days). In the last cycle Kansas City ended up in the perfect spot, and yet it wasn't cold enough which is a difficult one to comprehend. We were in the comma head with up to 3 inches of rain in the area. That part of the pattern is cycling back through next week

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Major Winter Storm Is One Week Away

This next week will be a fascinating one as we go from almost straight zonal flow into a major winter storm. Here is a picture someone tweeted out from taking a snapshot of my weathercast at 6 PM. Weather2020 is forecasting the weather from 1 day to over 200 days into the future, so why would we be afraid to stick our necks out 8 days from a forecast? We aren't being shy, and here is what I showed last night.

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Today’s Storm System

There is a fast moving storm developing today. This system will likely produce a band of snow from parts of Nebraska northeast into parts of Wisconsin. Some lighter snow is even possible over northern Missouri. Here is the latest European model snowfall forecast for today:

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New York City Travel Band Lifted

For those of us in Kansas City we can't even fathom what just happened. Definition of fathom: Understand after much thought. Here in Kansas City we keep getting the small part of winter storms, and the wet part of the warm side of storm systems this winter. In the past week KC had three winter events totaling around 2 to 3 inches of snow. A few spots had more, but you get my point. It just doesn't seem fair.

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The Next Major Winter Storm: Is It Just Fantasy

While parts of the eastern seaboard are getting blasted by this current winter storm, the next major winter storm has shown up. A few of you have discussed the likely storm due in around the first of February, well, here is last night's depiction, and again, this is just a first look:

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Major Winter Storm Begins!

As Kansas City is waking up to a cold and partly cloudy Friday morning, Baltimore, Maryland is waking up to a BLIZZARD WARNING! From Blizzard Warnings over the mid-Atlantic states to High Surf Advisories over Hawaii it is a rather active day across the United States. Here are the advisories that are in effect. The large area in pink indicates Winter Storm Warnings:

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