The Storm Took A Turn To The South

The storm system ends up being farther south, just a bit farther south, than the models were showing. This has had an impact on the amount and type of precipitation. Let us know what you are experiencing this morning. How are the roads where you live?

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Quick Evening Update

It has been a great discussion in today's blog comments. Thank you for participating. This storm is about to begin it's main phase of the storm. A few of you had discussed the snow in western Missouri on the RUC model. Well, it is likely wrong:

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Major Winter Storm: Many Forecast Problems

A major winter storm is now developing and it is quite impressive. It is taking a track that would usually produce a foot of snow near Kansas Cit, however it is the 2015-2016 season version of a storm system and there is warmer air than what usually exists around a storm such as this. Where it snows it will be a lot. If you are in the transition zone, then sleet and freezing rain will cause significant problems.

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Major Winter Storm Targets The Plains

We have a complex weather forecast for many locations around the nation. This is the storm Weather2020 forecasted five weeks ago to arrive between Christmas and New Year's. Well, It's Here! It is intense and strengthening. Right now the storm is still dropping south into northern Mexico and it will begin it's turn northward. Look at all of the Watches, Warnings, and Advisories:

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A Major 3-Day Storm System Begins

This may not be great news for humans and cattle, but it is great news for the winter wheat crop. There is a Winter Storm Watch across central and eastern Kansas to central Oklahoma. There are Winter Storm Warning and advisories across Nebraska, northwest Iowa and South Dakota, but these are for a lead storm system now in those areas.

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Christmas Eve Weather Pattern Thoughts

A major storm system is beginning to form today. The first huge batch of energy coming in to begin producing this storm is just now crossing the west coast of North America. The storm we have been discussing for days already does not even exist at the moment.

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Series Of Spring-Like & Winter-Like Storm Systems

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. Our blog has grown by over 100 people on the past few weeks. Thank you for participating and sharing in this weather experience. If you are from New Jersey, Los Angeles, or Kansas City, just let us know if you have questions about your area. The weather pattern is a fascinating one across North America. Let's take a look.

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Winter Begins Tonight

Winter begins tonight at 10:48 PM central time. Spring is just 90 days away and we are forecasting a rather active severe weather season this spring with this storm track that developed earlier this fall according to the LRC. We will discuss spring in a few weeks. For now, what will this pattern bring this winter?

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