5-Day Storm Intensifies On Day 5

Today is day 5 of this 5-day storm here in Kansas City. It has been of various lengths in other parts of the nation. I just checked my rain gauge and dumped out another 0.65" adding to the 3.72 inch total which puts south Overland Park, KS up to 4.37" for this incredibly wet system. Here are some other five-day totals as of 7 AM

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Day 4 Of The 5-Day Storm

This system is now beginning to make a move to the east. It will redevelop as it moves over the Rocky Mountains and out over the plains states on Monday. It has been producing record amounts of rain for this time of the year, some ice, and some snow. Kansas City just had two days with some icing, but temperatures this morning have risen to just above freezing and most of the ice has melted.

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Day 3 of the 5-Day Storm

As El Niño continued to strengthen this week, an "El Niño" type storm is currently in progress. This is just a fascinating weather pattern and we will have our in-depth winter forecast coming out on December 3rd. We will go into detail on what this pattern will mean for each region.

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Wet Winter Storm Is Not Close To Being Done

We hope you had a safe and tasty Thanksgiving Day. I, personally, had a rather wet and cold, but fulfilling weather experience while our KSHB team helped showcase the Plaza Lighting last night. About an inch of rain fell while we were out there with temperatures falling into the 30s. Gillian Flynn

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Good Signs For A Break In The California Drought

The storm system moving out into the plains has already produced out west. California has been receiving a little break here and a little break there as the drought is likely going to continue to gradually weaken it's grip in the coming weeks and months. The most recent storm, the fourth one to hit the Sierra Nevada mountains already this season, just dumped snow

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Thanksgiving Storm, A Hurricane, & A Monster El Niño

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. Next week I will be writing up the extensive and in-depth winter forecast as we identify more of the features that are now cycling through this brand new and unique weather pattern. Today, we are going to talk about the still growing monster El Niño, A Thanksgiving Weekend Storm System, and a developing hurricane.

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A Look Into This Holiday Week

We are now moving through the big Thanksgiving week with a big storm developing. All weather forecasts are complex because we are predicting the future. But, some are even more complex than others, and this week has many of those challenges. Let's take a look

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A Thanksgiving Day Storm Is Likely

We have made it to Thanksgiving week and on this Sunday morning, just four days away from the big holiday, we have a very complex weather pattern developing. The models will continue to have a hard time with what happens between now and next weekend. There is a good chance of some brief blocking developing near the west coast with the formation of a high over low block. How this develops will help determine what kind of weather you experience

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Looking Into Thanksgiving Weekend

I saw some very wet snowflakes, or what I like to call slush droplets. They were definitely very melted snowflakes that came down in a heavier downpour around 1 AM. As it moved east, it finally changed to all snow

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