Quiet Tropical Season Continues

Tropical Storm Joaquin, the tenth named storm of the season in the Atlantic Basin, has formed east of the Bahamas. This is forecast to strengthen slowly and eventually threaten the northeastern United States. The exact track and strength, as usual, is rather uncertain as it is only drifting around at the moment:

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Something is happening!

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog.  Something absolutely incredible is happening right now, and many of you know what it is.  The new weather pattern is now beginning to evolve and the computer models have been […]

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Who is ready?

The weather pattern couldn't be more boring right now, well, at least it seems that way. What do you think? Are you ready for the new LRC? We are still in the final days of LRC 2014-2015. We have identified the first week of October

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The very end of this year’s pattern

We are now at the very tail end of this year's pattern and it couldn't be any more boring near KC. A storm, the remnants of Tropical Depression 16 has been spinning around the central plains for days now, and yet I haven't even seen one drop. I think we are all ready for a new pattern.

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The jet stream stays north for now

There have been many showers and thunderstorms and over eight inches of rain in spots, while others close by have not had even one drop of rain. This morning the circulation around the low is rather apparent in the swirl of rain around the center. A band of heavy thunderstorms extends all the way down to the Red River of Oklahoma and northwestern Texas.

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NFL Monday Night Football: KC Chiefs vs. Green Bay Forecast

The Autumn season began earlier this morning and it feels nothing like fall across much of the nation. A warm weather pattern has set up with the jet stream far to the north. We will look into this current pattern and begin with a look ahead to early next week's outlook for when the Kansas City Chiefs go north into Green Bay to try and beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. Over 80,000 fans will

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Last Day Of Summer Thoughts

Today is the last full day of summer as fall begins at 3:21 AM tonight. Massive changes are taking place in the weather pattern and at the same time we are still in the very tail end stage of the 2014-2015 LRC year. On this last day of summer the old pattern is still in place, but we will have to call it the transitionary time. Take a look at this interesting enhance water vapor satellite picture

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