Hurricanes In The Pacific & Atlantic

The peak of hurricane season is around September 10th. It has been a rather quiet one in the Atlantic basin, but it is quite the other extreme over the Pacific Ocean. Right now there are three strong to major hurricanes over the Pacific, and there is one hurricane over the Atlantic. Let's take a look at the.....

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Only Two Days Left In August

Yesterday, one of you posted this graphic of all of the spaghetti plots from the model predictions for Erika. Erika no longer exists and this was a very tough storm for the National Hurricane Center to forecast. It stayed on the southern periphery of forecasts the entire time, and it never strengthened into a strong tropical storm.

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Tropical Update & The Very Gradually Changing Pattern

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. Today, we will look into the very gradually changing pattern. We are currently still in "the same pattern" that set up last fall as we are now at the end of LRC Cycle 7 and about to go into LRC Cycle 8, and final cycle of this year's weather pattern that set up in October 2014. The new pattern is likely at it's earliest stage of development, but the old pattern is still dominating.

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Looking Into Developing Erika

We are now just six weeks away from having an entirely new weather pattern to analyze. The new LRC is likely at it's earliest stages of development now, and we will likely see a blend of the two patterns during this last cycle of the 2014-2015 season. We are also approaching the peak of hurricane season, which......

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Weather Quiz Answers & Weather School

The weather has quieted down significantly and there are no severe thunderstorm areas in the forecast today. This summer has been quite active for severe weather risks, and it has taken this long for it to finally quiet down. There is one storm system over southeastern Canada, but this system has occluded, matured, and is very circular which will produce a few instability showers

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