Heat Wave Out West

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. In today's discussion we will discuss the pattern that is now in transition from the warm phase into the cold phase of this year's LRC. The models have been all over the place in predicting this next part of the weather pattern that is right on schedule.

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A Summer Alberta Clipper

The weather pattern continues to be quite active and today, now one week into the summer season, an Alberta Clipper type system is moving across the plains states. This disturbance is caught in northwest flow aloft and the surface map is worth analyzing and looking at today. Here is the 11 AM surface analysis.

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The Weather Pattern Cycling Into July

There is an enhanced slight risk that has been placed over the Mid-Atlantic states as you can see here. There is also a slight risk near the USA/Canada border. High pressure has expanded over the central and southern plains providing conditions favorable for a dry Saturday in many spots.

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Wet Pattern Continues

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience. We have been in a wet pattern in many areas for weeks now. As soon as the Gulf of Mexico moisture became more available with higher dew points the rains picked up. This happened in early May and it has not stopped.

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LRC Experimental Forecast Model & The Cycling Pattern

Our team of Weather2020 meteorologists, including Jeff Penner, Doug Heady, Eswar Iyer, and myself have been using our knowledge of the cycling weather pattern called the LRC (Lezak Recurring Cycle) to make accurate long range weather forecasts. It is a combination of art and science coming together to use what we believe is the best weather forecast method known in the field of meteorology today.

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July Forecast Using The LRC

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. We are using this breakthrough technology to forecast the weather long range. Our 12 week forecasts are coming in accurate in the 60 to 80% range depending on the location where you live and how much time our team of meteorologists have put into the forecast analysis.

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