Here comes the rain again!

The wet weather pattern continues across the plains states. A big complex of thunderstorms is over Oklahoma yet again this morning. A weaker disturbance is also drifting northeast across eastern Kansas into western Missouri.

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Severe Weather Sunday Evening

I am writing this on Sunday evening. Four, five, six, seven, and eight days ago Weather2020 "knew" that today would be a more significant severe weather day and weekend. The SPC had no risk in many of these areas as of Saturday, not to mention a week ago. Our outlook for this week 100 days ago has been more accurate than the SPC experimental 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 day outlooks.

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Excessive Rainfall Likely: Flooding Potential High

In the transition from the warm phase into the cold phase of this pattern we had some rather violent weather, including the worst severe weather of the season for the KC region on last Saturday night into early Sunday morning. And, now we are in the part of the pattern that we forecasted the wet conditions to arrive.

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Weather Advisories Across The USA

On this Saturday, there are Flash Flood Watches in effect from the KC metro area south to the Texas coast, and there are freeze warnings across a large part of New York state. It's May 23rd, wow. As many of you know, this cold wave part of the cycling pattern was forecast months ago to arrive this week.

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