It’s Still The Same

The weather pattern is still the same. It is incredibly the same. The same pattern that set up back in October is going through it's fifth cycle right now. And, now it is amplifying briefly, but just like what has happened all season long a storm ejecting out into the plains is going to get absorbed into the flow and weaken. The "same" questions apply to this storm as it approaches.

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This Week’s Weather Outlook

This weather pattern is about to get a bit "wacky". I use that term, but I am sure we could pick some other adjectives for this weeks weather which will likely end up with a freeze from the northern plains through the Great Lakes states and northeast. How far south will this extend? We will look at the pattern from day to day

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This storm had a little eye!

The weather pattern is about to go into a very amplified state in the next week, and we will look into this change later today. For now, take a look at what is moving, or rather drifting slowly north and northwest as a disturbance rotates around the main upper low.

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Severe Weather Risks This Weekend

We are tracking a slow moving storm system today, which is cut-off from the main jet stream. By the end of the weekend this storm will get picked up and absorbed into the flow. Bands of showers and thunderstorms will be rotating around this system with snow over the higher elevations of the four corners states.

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Predicting This Summer’s Heat Wave

Last year Weather2020 accurately predicted that there would not be a heat wave in the corn belt, and that there would be booming corn and soy bean crops. This summer, corn and soy bean farmers need to be planning for something very different, especially over the western half of the corn belt. There will likely be a major heat wave this summer.

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A Possible Freeze Within A Week

There is a freeze likely in the next seven to ten days across much of the northern plains, and possibly as far south as southern Kansas and Missouri. We are moving through the fifth LRC Cycle and nearing the end of, what we have called, "the cold phase" of this year's cycling pattern…..

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A Little Bit Of Everything In Cycle 5

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. This weather pattern continues to cycle according to the LRC at around every 45 days or so, give or take a few days. The average cycle length this year has been 46.5 days, but it has been as low as 41 days and as high as around 50 days. We are now moving into LRC Cycle 5. Let's take a look at the LRC Index blend….

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