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Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

It’s a beautiful day here in Kansas City, and this week looks like a dry one. It’s not very dry just south of KC with flash flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect over the Texas Panhandle:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.30.21 AM

Look at that large area of rain, spinning around a slow moving storm system.  This is part of the weather pattern cycling through right now, and right on schedule as you can read in yesterday’s blog entry.  Severe weather season will be taking a break most of this week, so the storm chasers can save on gas money for a few days. Here is the outlook for Tuesday:


The only severe weather risk for the next few days will be way south over Texas today, and as you can see above, near the Florida Panhandle tomorrow.  With the weather calming down, today would be a good day to open your mind to this cycling weather pattern called the LRC.  Let’s look at the LRC Index:

LRC Index April 27

The experimental LRC Index clearly shows the cycling weather pattern as we have been describing it to you, and making our accurate weather forecasts based on this pattern out to 12 weeks and longer.  You can access these forecasts at the top of the Weather2020 site.  Over the weekend I lined up two of the periods from LRC Cycle 1 into LRC Cycle 2, and how it lines up right on 46 days or so with LRC Cycle 3 going into LRC Cycle 4. Take a look:


Another experimental index we have in development is the EPBI, or Eastern Pacific Blocking Index.  When this index is strongly positive storm systems will likely get blocked from the west coast. Most of this past winter had this index in the positive as you can see below:

EPBI April 27


We will look ahead into this cycling pattern later this week. Have a great Monday and let us know if you have any questions.  We did open the blog for some free viewing. New customers can come in and get ten free views to test out this LRC Forecast Experience Blog.


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Tom Smith
Tom Smith

Are we due to soon go back to the warm cycle? I thought the cycle was about half and half warm and cold, but it seems like we have been on cold side longer.