El Niño Has Arrived

There is an area of thunderstorms near the Yucatan Peninsula this morning, but those are the closest thunderstorms. What did I just say? How incredible is that? It is practically clear across all of the United States and almost all of Mexico this morning. The jet stream has retreated north and severe weather season is taking a big nap.

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It’s a calm ending to April

The weather pattern continues to cycle according to the Lezak Recurring Cycle (LRC). We will be moving into LRC Cycle 6 soon and you can see the cycling pattern here.  Join the LRC Forecast Experience Blog and learn much more […]

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A Calm Late April Weather Pattern

We are in a very quiet weather pattern for the next few days. Yesterday we posted the map from the Storm Prediction Center showing where all of the tornado watches have been located this year. There have only been 51 tornado watches thus far as the season started out very quiet, and it pretty much has continued. Tornado Watch #52 will not

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Comparing Two Cycles Part 2

Look at that large area of rain, spinning around a slow moving storm system. This is part of the weather pattern cycling through right now, and right on schedule as you can read in yesterday's blog entry. Today, let's look at the LRC Index:

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Today’s Weather Pattern

An upper level storm system is spinning overhead and shifting east over the Kansas/Missouri border early this Saturday morning. This system will be weakening, but creating a risk of severe weather today. You can see the circulation this morning

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Today’s Severe Weather Risk

A storm system is moving out into the plains this morning. At the surface, cyclogenisis is going to be in progress today. What is cyclogenisis? It is a term that meteorologists use to describe the development os a mid-latitude storm system. A low pressure area…..

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Severe Weather Risks Next Few Days

Welcome to the LRC Forecast Experience blog. A storm system, near Southern California today in the upper levels of the atmosphere, is now beginning to be ejected out into the southern Rocky Mountain states and plains states. As it approaches severe weather will be possible in many areas. The biggest risk…..

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Two Storm Systems

There are two storm systems showing up on the models that have our attention this morning. Storm chasers will be heading to the Red River Valley today, and then the will be drifting into Kansas on Friday as this first storm system approaches.

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