The Cycling Weather Pattern

We hope everyone had a great weekend. At KSHB-TV, and I will be blogging over there later this morning, we have some exciting things going on. We are debuting our new computer system on Wednesday night. It is a different system than the one I have been

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This says it all, and a look at the cycling pattern!

This radar image, from 12:40 AM, says it all! A band of late March snow just northeast of KC? If you live in Chicago, Boston, New York City, or Erie Pennsylvania, you will not really know what I am talking about. Look at that band of snow, and it is not much. It is just 50 miles northeast and east of KC. Did it come in from the west? No!

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Winter & Spring Battle Tonight

Winter and spring are going to have a battle tonight into the first part of the weekend. To get a big storm in this annual seasonal battle you would like to see the tremendous temperature contrast oriented from north to south, and not east to west. This battle is from east to west

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Two Storms Spinning Together

There are two storm systems we are tracking today. The lead storm system has an upper level center that can be seen if you look closely at today's satellite pictures. It was located over Colorado as it was moving out over the Rocky Mountains as of 7 AM this morning. You can also see a small MCS, the first Mesoscale Convective System of the season

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