Snow Will Affect A Large Area Today

There is a storm system forming over the southwest and a stream of weak disturbances are going to head northeast out over the plains today. These will help create areas of snow from Kansas and Missouri south into Oklahoma and Arkansas. This will then extend east northeast from Illinois to New York.

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The Cold Part Of This Year’s Cycling Pattern

Another cold blast of Arctic air is spreading south and east this morning. The stage will be set for a winter storm to produce various types of precipitation from Saturday into mid-next week. We are currently in the cold phase of this year's pattern and it has around one week of legs left before it runs out of of steam.

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Looking Into Wednesday Night

Well, here we go again. Just about 24 to 36 hours ago I had some hope that this storm system was going to really produce a 2 to 3 inch band of snow over the KC metro area, but that is now likely not even a possibility any more.

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LRC Cycle 4 Begins Now: This Week’s Weather

We are tracking two storm systems this week. One is due in mid-week, and the second is much bigger and will be developing next weekend! The first one is a fast moving wave that will create an area of snow from Nebraska and Iowa south into parts of Kansas and Missouri. The second and much larger storm system

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Another Arctic Front

Kansas City had no measurable snow from this latest storm system. Do you realize that the atmosphere has been cold enough for snow for around a week straight, and the only six to ten hours it was not cold enough to snow is when we had organized precipitation.

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