A Winter Storm Forms This Weekend

A winter storm is going to develop this weekend. Moisture is being tapped from the southwestern United States storm, and a little influx of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will combine with an Arctic front that will slice through the Great Lakes, midwest, and plains states by Sunday.

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Record Breaking Warmth To Chance Of Snow

Today will be a record breaking day, possibly a record shattering day. The warmest January temperature in Kansas City's recorded history is 75°, and this will be threatened today. It may depend on these high clouds that are streaming towards KC, but still way out west:

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The Changing Weather Pattern

The strongest storm systems continue over the oceans. The New England storm is moving out to sea, and another storm is forming over Arizona. Yes, it is going to rain later this week near Phoenix where everyone is gathering for […]

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The Northeast Blizzard & This Year’s LRC

The northeastern United States coastal communities are being hammered by a major winter storm this morning. It is pure winter in Boston and New York City, and at the same time record warmth is developing and about to expand over the plains states. We have been showcasing many examples in this LRC Forecast Experience Blog since this pattern set up last fall, and here is another great example today

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A Storm Forms Today

A storm is developing on this Sunday morning, and it is producing rain and snow over a large area. As you can see below, snow extends from central and southern Iowa east across northern Illinois. There is a rain/snow changeover line across southeastern Iowa and into Illinois, and

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Developing Storm, The LRC, & Looking Ahead

What to expect in the next ten days: Today: A storm begins diving south with downslope warming and a nice day ahead of this change! Sunday: Snow develops over the midwest from Iowa east to Ohio. A few rain showers and snow showers back in almost all the way to Kansas City. KC is once again left out of the weather party, but there will be a lot of wind and possibly a few showers Next week: Another substantial warming trend is likely as the warm phase of the pattern continues Next weekend: An Arctic front will rage south ending the warm phase of the pattern as we move into early February. There will be a potential winter storm on the leading edge of this Arctic front.

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