The LRC & A Winter Storm Watch: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Who has ever heard of a Winter Storm Watch for Las Vegas, Nevada? They have one in effect for a storm that is dropping southwest. It is a storm that is an inland system, so it will be starving for moisture, but it may snow in Las Vegas from this system with accumulations possible not that far away…..

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Arctic Blast Is On The Way

An Arctic Blast is organizing and it will be intensifying and spreading it's cold air mass from the Arctic region south into the United States. The system is intensifying as it moves into the United States in response to the cycling weather pattern.

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LRC Cycle 1 & LRC Cycle 2

The cold part of the weather pattern has arrived, and an Arctic front is forming and will be on the move in the next two days. We issued an Arctic Outbreak Watch a few days ago and we will be moving into that Arctic air mass by Monday and Tuesday. Today, there was a band of snow that affected Oklahoma, southern Missouri, and Arkansas…...

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An Arctic Air Mass Is On The Way

The pattern is setting incredibly similar to the way it set up and evolved in November, during the first cycle of this year's weather pattern. According to the Lezak Recurring Cycle (LRC) a unique weather pattern sets up every year between October 1st and….

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Merry Christmas Day Weather

It is a somewhat quiet Christmas morning around the United States. The easter storm is currently moving offshore, and the western system is producing a white Christmas where they almost always get a white Christmas….

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Arctic Outbreak Watch

We are issuing an Arctic Outbreak Watch for the next two weeks. There will likely be multiple surges of Arctic air as it grows and expands with this developing pattern during the next two weeks.

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