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Good Thursday Evening Weather2020 Bloggers,

I went to the World Series Game Seven last night and watched an incredible performance by a great player, Bumgarner.  He shut down the Royals, and yet the Royals were just 90 feet away from tying the game.  I believe Alex Gordon should have blasted out of the batters box and started running hard from the beginning. That hit was an inside the park homerun if he would have run hard from the crack of the bat.  It really came down to that, but even then it he may have scored on a bad pressure throw. We will never know. Congratulations to the Giants.


The weather pattern continues to evolve into what we will be experiencing this winter, and through the next 11 months.  Here is another system to monitor closely, as you can see above. There is somewhat  of a split flow developing near the west coast with one strong energy source forecast to dive into the southwestern states.  How this system develops will decide where rain falls early next week, and how much rain, or mountain snow will occur.  There are still a lot of uncertainties and I will have an updated blog by noon on Friday.

AO 2014 October 30

The Arctic Oscillation (AO) dipped into the negative during the first half of October, but ha since gone to neutral, and now likely into the positive.  If there is a deep negative AO and NAO, then there is a much higher probability of cold air becoming available this winter.  If it is positive, then the cold air is more likely to be held up north.  So, let’s keep monitoring these indexes. We will be having our winter forecast in three weeks!

Have a great night!  Again, check in for an updated blog by noon on Friday.


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Terry Mercer
Terry Mercer

Hey Gary thxs for the blog. Didn’t last winter didnt we have a neutral or positive AO and we Where still able to get enough cold air and cold fronts Last winter season Here in the KC metro area and was able to be cold enough for winter weather?