Model Thoughts On Next Weekend

Good Sunday afternoon bloggers,

Here we go again! The european model just came out with another new solution. The GFS model came out with a consistent solution to its last run. The Canadian model has its own version of what may […]

January 8th, 2017|General|20 Comments

Weather Thoughts On Saturday

Good Saturday afternoon bloggers,

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend.  The atmospheric river set up has started producing out west.  The storm system that got some of your attention for next weekend is now fitting the […]

January 7th, 2017|General|50 Comments

First Week Of 2017 Weather Set-Up

Good afternoon Weather2020 bloggers,

There is a cold front strengthening/developing right now over the plains and a cold blast will arrive tonight and spread south and east Tuesday.  The front is not very well defined and has very little push to […]

January 2nd, 2017|General|23 Comments

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Weather2020 Bloggers,

We hope everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve. I was up at midnight, and now I am up early on New Year’s Day, then I may take a nap.  Thank you for your wonderful supporting […]

January 1st, 2017|General|28 Comments