The Panic Period

Good morning bloggers,

We hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  It is a pretty quiet day across the United States.  There is a storm coming into the Pacific northwest, and this storm will then zip out over the plains states, […]

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The Changing Weather Pattern

Good morning bloggers,

We hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. The time change is so awesome for those of us fascinated by weather.  Why? For the simple reason that the weather data, the computer model data, still comes out at […]

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The LRC & This Evolving Pattern For 2017-2018

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This month is the 30-year anniversary of where I experienced the cycling pattern according to the LRC for the first time. I had thought about it in the early to mid 1980s, but in November of 1987-1988 I […]

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Early Week System to Watch

Good Sunday bloggers,

Cool air will continue to dominate today as winds come from the north.  It was 65 to 70 this morning from Springfield to St. Louis, but the cooler air is heading that way.  A disturbance has been producing […]

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A Possible Storm Next Week

Good morning bloggers,

This Thursday begins with a surface cyclone developing and tracking across the plains states.  This would certainly be an interesting severe weather set up in the spring, but today it will likely only produce a few showers.  I […]

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