A Look Into This Weeks Weather Pattern

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

Predictions? I predicted an Atlanta Falcons blowout win against New England in last nights Super Bowl.  And, when it was 28-3 in the third quarter it was looking like my forecast would come through. What happened? Brady […]

By | February 6th, 2017|49 Comments

Four Days With Snow So Far: Wow!

Good morning bloggers,

Guess what bloggers. A snow storm showed up on this mornings GFS model. HANG ON NOW! We need some more consistency, but this is quite exciting. I am guessing the blog may begin lighting up in the next […]

By | February 4th, 2017|49 Comments

Super Friday Weather Thoughts

Good Friday Morning Bloggers,

One of our bloggers awakened to a light dusting of snow in McLouth, KS this morning. This city is located northwest of KC. I am not shocked as I even said last night on the air that […]

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The Warmer Winter Forecast Is Verifying

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

Watch this forecast made on issued November 17, 2016 over 75 days ago:

Here was our first impression, our initial forecast for the winter made before we had calculated the likely LRC Cycle […]

By | February 2nd, 2017|27 Comments

The Snow Drought Is More Wide Spread Than You May Think

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

The lack of major snow storms has been my perception since this pattern began in October.  But, perception is usually reality. Cities like Chicago, and Cleveland are also below average on snowfall. Cleveland is down 16 inches […]

By | February 1st, 2017|40 Comments

A Big Model Change Overnight

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

The models had big changes in one big feature showing up in the next few days.


Here is the video of the day and the LRC model, a 60 day […]

By | January 31st, 2017|22 Comments

January Ends Mild & A Look Into February

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

January will be coming to a close with very mild air building over the plains. There is some Arctic air lurking to our north, however, and this will be monitored closely. It LRC Cycle 1 the Arctic […]

By | January 30th, 2017|28 Comments

A Brief Look IntoThis Pattern

Good Sunday evening bloggers,

To say I have been busy would be an understatement. I was on live on 41 Action News 18 different times Friday evening, then I did a book signing and met hundreds of people Saturday, and then […]

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A Look Into February

Good morning bloggers,

Will this be Kansas City’s 3rd straight winter with below to way below average snowfall?


Here in Kansas City we are sitting at 4.5″ of snow as the third straight January […]

By | January 27th, 2017|40 Comments