Another Dry Storm System

Good Sunday bloggers,

We are looking at some great weather, considering it is December 10th in Kansas City. We will be having a westerly breeze from the high Plains, so the wind is blowing from higher to lower elevations, or also […]

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Snow In Mexico! Major Change in ten days

Good morning bloggers,Before we get started, I would like to thank all of you for yesterdays discussion in our blog comments. It was potentially one of the best discussions we have ever had in the blog for multiple reasons. It […]

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The Dry Pattern Continues

Good Wednesday bloggers,

Here is a look at the rainfall since August 1st.  It was quite wet during the summer, remember the flooding? It remained wet through October 22nd, three weeks into the new LRC weather pattern, as we had 4.87″ […]

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How Dry Is It Getting?

Good morning bloggers,

Is it possible that Kansas City is going to have another very dry winter?  In our winter forecast we forecasted a dry season, but how dry could it be? Take a look at the past 30 days:

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A Dry Change to Winter

Good Saturday bloggers,

We are in for an unseasonably warm weekend as highs reach 60°-65°. This means that if you have not put up the Christmas lights or cleaned up the leaves, this will be a great weekend for those activities.  […]

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