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The Eclipse Forecast Updated

By | July 20th, 2017|12 Comments

Good Morning Bloggers,

A Heat Wave is expanding over the plains and we will look at the weather pattern in just a minute, but let us begin this blog with the updated weather forecast for the eclipse. 55 days before the […]

Summer Settles In Stronger

Good Sunday morning bloggers,

Summer is settling in a bit stronger. We will be discussing the jet stream strength in the next blog or two as the jet stream is about to reach its weakest average strength and farthest north position […]

By | July 16th, 2017|12 Comments

Severe Weather Risk In Europe

Good morning bloggers,

I am in Boston, MA where it is raining this morning.  Let’s look at today’s upper flow, the transition into a hotter pattern potentially developing next week, and we will look at some potential rain chances in KC. […]

By | July 11th, 2017|26 Comments

How High Will It Go This Week?

Good morning bloggers,

The temperatures will be moving up this week. There is still a lot of debate on how high the temperatures will go. We had enough rain this spring into early […]

By | July 10th, 2017|22 Comments