Good Saturday bloggers,

We are having an active start to October and the very early stages of the new weather pattern that is now evolving.  We are tracking two storm systems and unbelievably another USA land falling hurricane.

Here is a look at Hurricane Nate and storm system #1 as of early Saturday morning.


Let’s focus on storm system #1 first. The center of the storm system as of early Saturday was tracking across southeast Nebraska and extreme northern Missouri.  This storm system was stalled in the western USA for the last several days and it was spitting out numerous thunderstorm producing disturbances along a stalled front.  Rainfall was quite significant in parts of the Plains this last week.


Here are radar estimated rainfall totals since Monday.  The heaviest rain occurred from the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles to eastern Kansas northeast to Iowa.  The bulls eyes of rain was about 4″ to 6″.


When we look closer in to our area the heaviest rain occurred from southeast Nebraska to northern Missouri with amounts 3″ to 6″.


Here are some more rainfall totals with St. Joseph to Gallatin to Chillicothe seeing 1″ to 4″ of rain.


Finally, here are some totals in the Kansas City area.  Amounts have ranged from .50″ to around 2″ to 2.50″.


Now that we have looked at what has occurred, let’s look at what is on the way.

SATURDAY 4 PM: It will be hard to tell we had a storm system move by earlier in the day as there will hardly be a cloud in the sky, temperatures near 70° and less wind, from the west at 10-15 mph.


SUNDAY: After lows in the 50s, perhaps a few 40s we will jump to around 80°.  Nate will be racing through the Tennessee Valley, more on Nate below.  The Chiefs will be getting ready to beat the Texans in Houston on Sunday night Football in America, on 41 Action News.  Nate will not have an impact in Houston.  That is the last thing Houston needs, another hurricane.


MONDAY: This is a look at storm system #2.  It is most interesting as snow is likely in Denver with temperatures in the 30s while temperatures rise well into the 80s to low 90s  in Oklahoma and Texas.  Our area will have a nice day ahead of the system with highs in the 70s.  Monday night and Tuesday will see the storm system track east and our rain chances will increase as much cooler air moves in.  We will have more on this Sunday.




As of the 7 AM update Nate was a category 1 hurricane with winds of 85 mph.  The Gulf of Mexico is quite warm so Nate will not weaken and it would not be a surprise if it strengthened to a minimal category 2 which would mean winds of 96 mph or greater.


The latest official track from the Hurricane Center has Nate making landfall around midnight tonight near Biloxi, Mississippi.  Again, Nate may become a minimal category 2.


Nate is moving quickly which is good news, so inland flooding will not be a major issue like it was in Central America.  Monday night, the remnants of Nate will be racing through New England and out to sea where it will not re-strengthen.


Have a great weekend,

Jeff Penner