Good Monday bloggers,

We are having a very not October like day with highs in the 80s and high humidity.  A fall change is not that far away, but it is going to have a very tough time arriving.  The front separating the summer and fall air is heading southeast, but will stall.  Let’s go through the next few days and update the chance and amounts of rainfall.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: There is a decent cold front slicing across the Plains as temperatures range from near 90° in Salina to the 40s in Denver.  Rain and thunderstorms will form along this front tonight, but they will stay well northwest of KC.


TUESDAY: The front will be moving at a snail’s pace so eastern Kansas and western Missouri will remain in the warm and humid air, but due to thicker low clouds highs will stay in the 70s.  It will also stay mostly dry as the front is still well northwest. Now, that being said a brief shower is not out of the question.


WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY: The front will head south and stall around I-70.  The exact front location is still unknown, but the location of the front will be key to who sees the heaviest rain.  So, this map represents these days, as areas of rain and thunderstorms will track along this front as disturbances track from southwest to northeast.


The front will head back north as a warm front Friday as a new cold front arrives Friday night as a main system in the western USA comes out into the Plains and Midwest.  If we are going to have severe weather this week, Friday night would be the best chance along the advancing cold front.

RAINFALL FORECAST: This forecast is still not set in stone as the front stalling location is still not known.  But, you get the idea that much of our region will see 2″ to 4″ of rain through Saturday.  If you end up in an area where the thunderstorms are training, you could end up with more than 4″.


Have a great night and Tuesday and GO CHIEFS!

Jeff Penner