Big Noon Thunderstorm Over Kansas City

/Big Noon Thunderstorm Over Kansas City

Big Noon Thunderstorm Over Kansas City

Good afternoon bloggers,

There is a disturbance south of Kansas City today and quite often on the northern edge of these systems a band of lifting which creates showers and thunderstorms will develop. This area appears to be getting its act together around noon today:

There were two thunderstorms growing and likely related to this outer edge from the weak system to our south.  The cumulus clouds were drifting southwest in response to the weak circulation around this disturbance, so I am sure these thunderstorms will also drift southwest. If you get underneath one it could rain an inch in less than an hour.

The weak upper low was over Texas and Oklahoma with the outer edge of the vorticity noticeable by looking at the orange colors over Missouri and Kansas. This is likely the region where the thunderstorms are forming today. There is so much more to this upper level chart and we will discuss tomorrow.

Sunny The Weather Dog shows us one of the healthy cumulus build-ups from much earlier in th day. Have a great day. Let us know if you get under one of these cells.


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  1. Anonymous June 4, 2017 at 8:02 pm - Reply

    Nice rain this afternoon near 143rd and Switzer 1.1″.

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