Good morning bloggers,

Yesterday played out about exactly as how I though it would.  The thunderstorms did form way back over central Kansas into southeast Nebraska and then they struggled as they moved east, basically falling apart by 10 PM.  The only severe weather reported happened only in the first two hours, the initial thunderstorms that went up, then they mostly weakened from there below severe limits. You can see the line here.

Today’s severe weather risk:

The risk today is centered near Detroit, MI. The Kansas City Royals are heading south to Dallas. They will be playing the Texas Rangers and the weather looks dry for tonights game. What a game last night. Sunny The Weather Dog had a great time, at least of what I could tell. She loves all of the dogs! And, the Royals beat Bumgarner!

The next storm:

Here is one rainfall forecast from last nights GFS model. As you can see, this next storm has KC on the northern edge with no measurable rain forecast over northern Missouri. One shift to the south and KC would miss this next storm.

The storm is becoming positively tilted as it moves into Missouri. Let me show you in this video:

positive vs. negative tilt from Weather2020 on Vimeo.

Have a great Thursday and thank you for participating in the LRC Experience blog.