Good Sunday afternoon bloggers,

Here we go again! The european model just came out with another new solution. The GFS model came out with a consistent solution to its last run. The Canadian model has its own version of what may happen next weekend. The LRC strongly suggests there will be a storm system to track in this time period. So, what is it? What is going to happen? We are predicting the future and the January version of this years cycling pattern has certainly been entertaining. Now, please know that the models have been predicting some big storm systems for the Kansas City area many other times this season and not one of them has come through. Not one! Most of the time I can just rule them out and say it doesn’t fit the LRC and I have been right this season. This storm system does fit, but for it to be as functional as the European model is showing is very unlikely. It is not out of the range of possibilities however. I just don’t favor this solution. Let’s take a look at it anyway:


The map above and the map below are the same map, but just the zoomed in version below:


I am not going to over analyze a solution that is likely wrong.  How can I not pay attention to this? It has my attention, but so does the GFS model that drops the upper low into Mexico. If you look back at this years LRC over the past three months, you will find a few big upper lows that dropped south over Baja.

Okay, just wanted to do a quick blog today. Let’s keep the great discussion moving forward. New data rolls in soon.