Good Saturday afternoon bloggers,

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend.  The atmospheric river set up has started producing out west.  The storm system that got some of your attention for next weekend is now fitting the LRC better and moving into the early part of the  next week.  It will wobble around on the various models as we get a bit closer. It is fascinating watching it fall into the LRC puzzle. I am expecting a possible storm around the 17th, not the 14th or 15th as the models have been showing.

Weather headlines:

  • The west coast will get blasted. Over 20 inches of rain are likely in spots during the next week with snow levels going up and down as these systems move through
  • The east coast is getting hit today by a developing storm
  • There will be some big ups and downs this week with another Arctic blast likely by around Thursday or Friday
  • The next storm in the plains will track across Nebraska and Iowa into the Great Lakes with the Arctic front moving in
  • And, then the next storm farther south may affect Kansas/Oklahoma and the southern plains early in the next week

Take a look at the precipitation forecast for the next seven days:


Kansas City’s storm potential:

  • The GFS model just came out with another new solution. I lean in this direction of the timing, but not necessarily the strength. I HOPE that it has a chance of being right as it is showcasing the KC area with snow a week from Monday night, which is a long ways off. It has the strong Arctic front Thursday night and Friday and it tries to warm it up with sunshine for the Chiefs game Sunday.
  • The Canadian model has a very different solution, as should be expected. It looks more like last nights European model so we must pay close attention to the new Euro coming out soon.  This Canadian model digs the storm hard heading towards northwest Mexico. We have seen systems doing this already this season, but when they have they have ended up cutting/closing off down there leaving the plains dry. The flow is stronger at this time of the year, so if it doesn’t cut off we could have a big storm
  • The European Model again has a major winter storm next weekend. I still lean against this solution as it is a system that develops from a wave that doesn’t even exist at the moment.  It still has my attention.  This solution has many inches of snow in KC and during the Chiefs game. Again, I lean against this solution.

Have a great weekend! Thank you for sharing and participating in this weather experience. It certainly is entertaining and fun right now. I am taking Sunny for a walk as the temperatures are finally warming up to above 20 degrees.