Good afternoon Weather2020 bloggers,

There is a cold front strengthening/developing right now over the plains and a cold blast will arrive tonight and spread south and east Tuesday.  The front is not very well defined and has very little push to it. What I mean, is it is really not moving at this time and it is waiting for a wave to move across the northern plains and then it will become better organized and shift south overnight. I will be showing this on 41Action News tonight, that you can watch streaming on  Here is the front as of around 11:30 AM:


There is a band of rain moving across, with a few thunderstorms. Here is the radar image at noon:


What happens next is interesting and there is only one model showing snow on Friday over parts of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. It is the GFS model. The other models have not yet shown this solution at all. Here is the Canadian model solution with the GFS model overlaid on top showing the difference in the flow from a snowier solution and the other models showing a phased and drier solution for Friday:


Again, in the red it shows what the GFS model has in the upper levels of the atmosphere. The other thing to notice is the big upper low dropping south near the Canada/North Pacific Ocean border, or really the Inside Passage of Alaska. This storm is likely going to drop almost due south and it is the biggest development for next weeks huge warm up that needs to be monitored closely.

I am heading back into work and will look through the comments later. Let’s see what the European model shows. Happy New Year and thank you for participating in this LRC Forecast Experience.