The Storm Took A Turn To The South

/The Storm Took A Turn To The South

The Storm Took A Turn To The South

Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

The storm system ends up being farther south, just a bit farther south, than the models were showing.  This has had an impact on the amount and type of precipitation.  Let us know what you are experiencing this morning. How are the roads where you live?

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Now-9 AM:  Very light precipitation with snow or sleet, and some freezing drizzle.
  • 9 AM-Noon:  The comma head forms and at least one heavier band of precipitation moves in. There will be snow, sleet, or freezing rain in this band of heavier precipitation.
  • Noon-6 PM.  The comma head continues as the storm moves north and tracks across southern Missouri into eastern Missouri. The precipitation rates weaken and the storm will almost be done by early evening It will be quite windy.

Jeff Penner just posted this picture, tweeting it out, at 8 AM.  You can clearly see the comma head approaching. This is rather exciting bloggers. Let’s see what it does!


I just mentioned the comma head in the time-line.  Watch radar closely and you will see this develop and move in from the south.  This farther south track of the storm system has impacted the amount of precipitation rather significantly. This has majorly impacted conditions out to the west over central Kansas where amounts are really low.  Take a look at where it is now and where it is likely tracking:


Snow and sleet have been falling up to the north and west, and here is a picture from near Liberty, MO that was tweeted to me early this morning. It looks like a messy and treacherous drive so be careful:


The impacts of the farther south track are initially in the amount of precipitation likely in areas west of the Kansas/Missouri state line.  The lower amounts do no mean that the roads will be any less impacted. Please let us know what it’s like out there.

We will look ahead into this pattern in our next blog entry. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience today. Let me know what happens in the comma head and be safe, have a great day!


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