Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Weather2020 Bloggers,

Kansas City came close to having a white Christmas. We had dense ice fog this morning and the grass and roofs turned white in some areas. Now, is snow in our near future? The Christmas weekend storm is now forming.


This first map shows the trough dropping into a spot that we have seen many times already this season. From here, however, it gets very complex. This storm is about to be left behind with the northern branch separating across Canada.

2I am going to use this next map to track the upper low on this latest NAM model that is coming out now. For KC we will want this to track across the Arkansas/Missouri border south of Joplin, and then bodily move across central or eastern Missouri. Let’s see if it takes this perfect track.

Every solution from here will likely narrow in on what will happen. It is still three days out, so hang on for this ride.

Here it the map that I am currently plotting the path on from the first model coming out this morning. This is the NAM model track. And, it is coming in wet for Saturday night with rain, freezing rain, and snow near by. Let’s take a look:


Well, here is the first model run of the morning. It takes a hard turn northeast. Now, what does this mean?


I am sure emotions are going to get stirred up the next few days. I will be monitoring from Vegas, and I will only fly back if it is a “sure thing” that KC gets a significant snow (like 4″ or more). How often do we have a sure thing in our neck of the woods?  Anyway, there is a lot to analyze. I could go on and on and on in this blog, but I will wait another day or two to do that as this is just one model. Did you see what it showed? This NAM model had over 4 inches liquid equivalent on the south side of the KC metro area with some snow/sleet near the beginning and again near the end. The storm seems to be taking a very favorable track. This is rather complex. Let’s see what the other models show.

Have a great Christmas Day and thank you for participating in the LRC Forecast Experience Blog. I am on my way to Vegas today to cash in this ticket.



Happy Holidays from our dogs and Stewie. Today is Breezy’s 10th birthday!