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There is so much to discuss on this Tuesday morning, the first full day of winter. A series of weak storm systems will be followed by a major wet storm system during the next six days.

The Arctic Oscillation is peaking today, and as it does we are all wondering if it is going to snow in Kansas City anytime soon.  Remember now, Green Bay Wisconsin is still waiting for their first inch of snow. This fact is becoming more incredible with every passing day.  When the AO is positive, Arctic air is more likely to stay bottled up near the North Pole. Take a look at this forecast temperature map for the 28th of this month:

Arctic Air Bottled Up

Here is another way to look at it on this forecast for the morning lows on the 27th.  All of Canada is forecast to have below zero temperatures within the next week:

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.26.02 PM

A rather large trough has now developed over North America. This type of set up almost always would end up with snow in Kansas City, but most likely not this year. We still have a two disturbances to watch for Wednesday and Thursday, each of which will likely produce some snow in the plains, just most likely not KC.


At the surface there is one main surface low developing early Wednesday morning over Kansas.  Air from the Gulf of Mexico will be surging northward and showers, thunderstorm, rain, and snow will be falling, mostly lightly, over many states tomorrow.


One of the main disturbances will help push this Kansas surface low off to the northeast and a band of snow may very well form over Iowa. A second disturbance is taking aim on the plains for Thursday, but just as it looks like it may snow in Kansas City that second disturbance tracks to the north and falls apart. It is something that would just need to track a bit farther south and be a bit stronger and we could have a Christmas miracle with snowflakes early Thursday morning.  What happens next will be quite fascinating to track:


A strong and very wet producing storm system will be forming over the southwestern United States during the next three to four days, and then this system will lift out right over Kansas City Sunday into Monday.  Again, this is the type of storm that should produce a major snowstorm, and it still may, but most likely just northwest of Kansas City over parts of Nebraska? Let’s see how it develops.

This is a storm we have been targeting to develop between Christmas and New Years for weeks now, and it is right on schedule. The Weather2020 12-week forecasts are now available on IOS!  The 1Weather app was just featured on the Discovery Channel’s Newswatch:  The 1Weather App Featuring the 12-week forecast Now, we sent them the information showcasing the 12-week forecast accuracy at close to 75%, not the 98% they talked about in this article and video. It sounds great, but we know weather forecasts for the next day are not that accurate. It is what we strive to be, however!


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Holiday Greeting From Sunny