Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

There is a fast moving disturbance moving across the plains this morning.  Here is a look at the radar near Kansas City at 7:30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.25.45 AM

A very warm weather pattern for December is setting up this week. It will likely be followed up by a winter change next week. There continue to be signs of an AO+ pattern which means the likelihood of a warm winter pattern. It may not be AO+ the entire winter, however, and we will continue to monitor this. Right now, if you look below at this map, there is the dip in the flow helping produce this fast moving storm and just a few showers early this Sunday morning. The main jet stream energy is spread out, and there is another stream across the Polar regions.


And, here is the latest AO Index chart from the Climate Prediction Center:


As you can see, just as this pattern set up and evolved the AO went positive. It is something to keep tracking. The latest GFS model came in with this following output solution for next week:


Now, be careful. The model came out with a solution that seems unlikely, but is fun to look at. Kansas City is the target on this model run, but will it even be there on the next model run. Let the ride begin!

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