Good Friday Night In The Big Town Bloggers,

LRC Update:  I have been forecasting using the assumption of a 49 day cycle. This is why I picked December 16th for the snowflake contest to end. Well, the models are now hinting strongly that the pattern will produce that set-up I was looking for, but it’s still 11 days to 12 days away. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 5.38.22 PM

You are looking at the 276 hour forecast. First of all, it looks quite similar to the late October set-up, and I had been looking for this the past few days, and now it’s showing up. It is clear evidence that we are moving into LRC Cycle 2, and the stormy part of the pattern that will last around 30 to 35 days is about to begin.  That is snow in KC and on the 16th of December. I may have picked the right date. I am sure you know how this works. It is showing up now, but there will be some complex forecasting problems when it approaches. I just have confidence it will be there as it fits the LRC. Our first big fit that we have fun at this early stage.

Have a great evening. Thank you for your participation in the winter forecast.