Good morning Weather2020 bloggers,

I posted this earlier this morning, but I had it in the wrong category. Here you go. Tomorrow’s Winter Forecast blog will be out by early afternoon. That’s the plan!

Our in-depth winter forecast will be coming out by early afternoon Thursday.  This weather pattern is about to get energized in the next two weeks and everything will be falling into place according to the big atmospheric puzzle with the center piece being the LRC.  We will discuss the overall pattern tomorrow, but take a look at what is developing during the next ten days.


Take a look at this first map above. You can see what is left of the huge western states upper low that has taken a week to move out of the west and now is finally on the move today and picking up speed. It is tracking across the Great Lakes today. This map shows the 50o mb flow, around 18,000 feet up, valid at 7 PM eastern time tonight. A ridge is developing out west and extending inland and this will help spark a warming trend, and a drying trend. This drying trend will be short lived as one of the big features of this year’s pattern features a trough over the west, not a ridge, so this ridge will get wiped out within ten days.


This second map shows some interesting features, and it is valid ten days from now, or at 1 PM eastern time on December 12th.  There are two main jet streams forecast to develop in these ten days with the main and stronger stream the southern one. This southern stream is forecast to drop deep to the south. There is also a northern stream way up north over northeastern Canada. This continues to show unblocked flow and an indication of the AO and NAO both being positive. We will discuss what all of this means in the winter forecast.

Have a great day. I am about to drop off Sunny The Weather Dog at day care. Here is a picture from her day care experience on Monday. She loves it. Let us know if you have any questions or comments, and get ready for a big discussion tomorrow.